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Accepted to "Build The Line master class Challenge

by Paula Gaskill


What a way to bring in 2016. Not sure where this journey will take me or what directions I may go, but the one thing I do know it's my year! I'm claiming it.  It's such a honor to be accepted to this class and learn from a great mentor,  Brenda Lansdown. I have been following her for about five years now, watching her funny  some crazy personailty, and lets not leave out the honesty that she shares with you  on her videos. She is the same in person, I also had the opportunity to meet her as well with another mentor of mine Christi Friesen 2 years ago. Imagine being in the same room with them. I will tell you this, Brenda does have another side to her, and if  you want to see some crazy you really need to sign up for the Christy Friesen class coming up in May. 

Would like to thank Brenda for accepting my application to this class. I'm so excited about this year, and where it will be taking me.  When I decided to take this class I had to make some serious decision of where, what, how, all those wondering Questions that we ask our selfs about. I'm going atempt to answer some of these. When I started down this road of doing jewelry I really didn't have a lot of time to do it as much as I wanted  running a childcare out of my home. One thing was for sure, I knew that childcare wouldn't last forever. I was only doing it so my granddaughter had childcare that the parents could afford if you know what I mean. This year she started school, so now the questions all came in play. The decision I made was solely based on my preference and  look that I wanted to bring to my creativity. I was not happy with other things that you have to factor in when trying to sell your stuff. Whether online or at shows.  When you make something it tells  your story, well at least it should.  It's your design!  First thing was a Name, Logo, Website that would tell or represent my story.  The name is after my granddaughter Layla and yes nick name is laylabugs. I came up with this name because one dayI would love her to take over where I stopped. Now I'm not saying that you need a stand alone website, but for me that's what I wanted. Yes,2015 I invested in myself!!! It will be one of the best investments made. I now have something that can be past down to my grandaughter that she can use one day. I really think your logo  and  website is a reflection of you, that is why it was so important to me.   I would like to Thank Lynda O'Mara for building my website, Logo, and design, what a great design!!!!  If you decide you would like to do the same I'm sure    Lynda O'mara  can help you.

  Now that I've been excepted in to the build a  line challenge, well you will have to wait and see where this will take me. I promise you this it's going to be a great 2016!

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  1. Lynda O 039 Mara
    posted December 6th 2015 at 04:15 pm

    Great blog, Paula! I know you'll learn much and be an asset to the class. You've definitely taken a big step for yourself and your jewelry, and with your talent and persistence, I know you'll be even more successful. Thank you for the shout out. I really appreciated the opportunity to help with your branding and to design your logo, business cards, and website. It was fun and the end result really fits you! Have fun in the class. I'm looking forward to supporting you and seeing your progress!
  2. Susan Bowerman
    posted December 7th 2015 at 08:51 am

    I really enjoyed your blog, Paula. It has some really nice features. I look forward to joining you and the rest of the troops for this year's challenge. It is going to be a blast!
  3. Brenda Sue
    posted December 7th 2015 at 04:49 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your enthusiasm and it was great having you in the 2014 workshop class, looking forward to spending time w you in the BALC class and in the alumni group you'll get to be part of, after you finish the class! Hope you can make it up to Ohio for our group workshop again one day!
  4. Gloria Allen
    posted December 7th 2015 at 10:15 pm

    Excellent post good information
  5. Shari Gardner SLG Jewelry Designs
    posted December 8th 2015 at 02:52 pm

    I love your blog, Paula. I am also waiting and excited for class to start and am happy I'll be in class with you. I'm nervous and anxious all mixed up. I know this is what I want and I want my store to do better than it is, and I want my designs to be something that will be considered great vintage jewelry someday. Here's hoping for a fantastic 2016 for both of us.

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