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Where can you find a name for your Product

by Paula Gaskill



I'm a Mixed Media Artist.  Today, I come to you writing a little bit about how I came up with my name for my line. Beth Sullivan from our group, The Love Of Our Polymer Clay asked me to share with others why I chose the name that I did, and how I came up with this name. Romancing the Rose. I could of chosen Lovelylaylabugjewels, laylabugjewels,and alot others. My website and business has always been designed around my Granddaughter Layla, that one day she would carry this on as a business or a fall back.

Meet Layla...

layla_pic_2.jpg layla_pic3.jpg PicMonkey_Photo_layla.jpg

This little six year old is a very smart girl that is very serious about learning new things. She does make some jewelry from time to time. She has made several clay earrings and necklaces.  

To get back to the point of why I came up with the name I did. I didn't. A friend did. I ran with it. I hope that soon layla will have her own line that will be Lovelylaylabugjewels or Lovelylaylabug. She hasn't decided yet. See I'm just a branch off from her. I get no credit. Lol.... I want her to be able to have her own line using somehow her name.  Who knows, Layla may change her mind.

I recently participated in a Build A  Line Challenge to gain more knowledge, and to put my skills to the test that many knew about from B Sue's Creative Group . We learned so much from each other, and from the sponsor of this challenge. If you're looking to do something like  this I strongly recommend  you taking her class, but first  join her group, she sponsors this twice a year. It is a very intense class!  Well worth what you gain from the class. I knew doing this challenge it would be a challenge. I some what knew what to expect, but the one thing that came into play at the end of ths class was choosing a name for my line. I honestly didn't even think about that! It just never crossed my mind.  I had it already. The website name, at least that's what I was thinking. Would of worked, but then layla and I would have to do something else for her line.

The one thing  that I can tell you about building a line is know your nitch. Knowing that will make building your line easy. Yes, you guess it I guess you could say I have found mine the Rose. Will I try to find another nitch? Always.Will it be hard? Yes.  Pratice makes perfect, part of profecting your nitch.Nothing I've ever done has been easy, I know it will take time, sweet, and tears to find it. For me it's worth it! I've invested too much money and time to turn back now!


Ask Yourself these questions To find your nitch...

Do you know what your nitch is? What is it that you like to do? What type of technique do you like to do? If you're not sure take a look back at some of photos that you have taken. Which one do you like the best? Which one did you enjoy doing? What technique do you really like doing? You can build from that. 

I'm a Mixed Media Artist/designer that came upon mine by mistake. I knew I wanted to make jewelry, but I wanted something a little differnt from everyone else. I found a group about 4 years ago that I took a lot of interest in, that would teach and inspire me. Join groups that do that for you. Doing that; you will soon find your nitch too!

Using different techniques I have been able to make and use different mediums in my designs, which is what I wanted to do.

convertable_brooch_p3.jpgThis is a Victorian Brass Stamping Convertable Brooches, Vintage chain, Polymer clay Rose part of my "Romancing the Rose" line.

 bird_brooch_p3.jpg am_rose_bouquet_2.jpg hair_brooch.jpg convert._brooch_p1_.jpg

These Roses will all be part of my new line coming soon " Love is in the Air" Wedding Roses.

Teal_Wedding_Rose.jpg Cream_Wedding_Rose.jpg 

The funny thing is I didn't even realise what my nitch was. Others recognised my nitchbefore I did. How crazy is that! That is why being in groups that inspire you is so important. In our group The Love Of Our Polymer Clay is all about finding different techniques, and projects that we can do having fun with it, testing different technique while inspiring each other in the hopes that maybe someone else will find their nitch too, even if it's just for fun. If you're not part of our group come join us. We do swaps often with a strict guidelines to our swaps!       

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  1. Beth Sullivan
    posted May 11th 2016 at 08:50 pm

    Great Post, now to figure out what my niche is. LOL.

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